A Question People Often Ask About Me In Business

How I got my start in business is the question I hear whenever one of my employees slips up and “accidentally” tells a patron I’m the owner.

It’s a strong belief of mine that successful entrepreneurs are made, not born. I do agree there’s some basic instincts a person needs, such as common sense, being open minded,opportunistic, and border line crazy, kind of like Howard Hughes.

When I was young I would clean weeds for $25 a yard in the dead of summer. It was awful, but sweet money for a 14 year old kid. When I worked as a busboy, under the table, I also realized,the power of being my own boss, and being in control of my own wages.

I fell off the wagon for a few years,and joined corporate america, banking for 15 years, but always had a goal of owning something of my very own. So I was always working some type ofMLM business, or buying and selling cars at auctions. I was always hustling, trying to make a dollar.

Build my empire if you will.

I’m not the typical sit on the couch with the remote, eating wings, drinking beer. I’m constantly working, or brainstorming about another business I could own, (hence the launch of my 4th business, a travel company opening soon).

I don’t have that employee mentality.

If i’m out eating, i’m wondering what the rent is there, the overhead, the gross sales, the type of marketing they have to do there.

THAT, type of stuff is interesting to me. And that’s the personality of a true entrepreneur. We can have fun too, and not even talk business, but brainstorming, and talking about new ways to make money, IS fun for us.

Having the income to start a business is usually where people quit on their dreams.

Let me tell you what….

I had to put it all on the line. Max every credit card, mortgage all 3 of my houses to 100% equity, and max out my 401K to get my start.

Where did I get the money?

I’ve been investing since I was 21. Working on my credit since I was 18. Always prepared, for war. Always prepared for my chance. My one chance to own something that would someday be mine.

And here it is.

Live, drink, and breathe your dreams, and success will happen.

Cruising to Vegas for a weekend vacation when you know you have nothing to fall back on, is not a sign of success.

Having any kind of debt period, especially if you are single, is unacceptable. Live within your means so you can use your credit, and income sources to invest in a business.

THAT’S how an entrepreneur thinks.

Anyone can have what they want if they put their mind to it.

Happy Prospecting
William Whitlow
Internet Marketing and Direct Marketing Expert


Attacking The Competition

Attacking The Competition


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