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My name is William Whitlow, and I own a Strip club.  To quickly answer your question, YES, owning a strip club is awesome; I love every minute of it.  YES, I hang out with hot chicks all the time.  I’ve owned this strip club for over 10 years in Flagstaff, Arizona.  I have a total monopoly, I have no competition, the nearest strip club is 200 miles away, and the University NAU is 2 blocks away on the same street.  So just imagine all the talent I have working here.

Flagstaff is a hub that millions of people travel through every year. We’re next to the Grand Canyon, Meteor Crater, Lowell Observatory that discovered Mars, Flintstones Bedrock City, and multiple other sights. Famous Musicians travel through Flagstaff, on their way to Concert tour dates in Phoenix, AZ, Las Vegas, Colorado, New Mexico, and California.

I also own a Nightclub named Cinnabar Nightclub, where we have live entertainment twice a week. We’ve featured acts like BIZZY BONE, DJ QUICK, KORUPT, WU TAN CLAN, DIGITAL SUMMER, MR CAPONE, MR CRIMINAL, TWISTED INSANE (The fastest rapper in the world).  Twisted Insane and I have developed a friendship over the years, and he recently purchased a home in Fountain Hills, Scottsdale, AZ.  He purchased a Strip club in Oregon, so we brainstorm about selling more Champagne in the V.I.P. rooms, the food, the customer experience, etc. So yes, owning this nightclub has its perks and benefits. We also have recent acts with videos on MTV like BREATHE CAROLINA, 32 LEAVES. I also feature world famous DJ’s like KIP KILLAGAIN, who plays here regularly.

My club promotes theme nights like 25 Cent Drink Night, featuring old school hip hop. We have sports, pool tables, video games, beer pong tables, and a Jukebox. People love the place, they have a blast here.

I built a V.I.P. Shag Carpet Room. The Walls, Floors and Ceilings are covered in Shag Carpet. There’s 2 Flat screen TV’s, one to play sports or whatever they want, and the other one highlights the concert or DJ, in the Nightclub, so they can see what’s going on in the club, while they’re in the Private Shag Carpet Room. We feature very comfortable V.I.P. seating for at least 10 people. It’s really quite amazing, and my customers love it.

The main premise of my show will be “Marketing”, my favorite thing in business. I call it “Underground Marketing”, because I educate my fans on what really works. I do not promote what you learn in College. If College taught you the kind of marketing I know, they would have the right to charge you their ridiculous tuition rates.

So let me continue on with where I disappeared to for the last couple of years, because all my fans, and my customer database, have been wondering “Did he die”?, “Did he move out of the country”?, Is he in Prison”?, etc. Then I’ll give you my background, which is really crazy, and I’ll get back to the marketing part of the show.  Again, this is the first episode, so it will be a little longer, which is cool, because you, my audience, will get “More Content”.

I’m a single Dad with 2 beautiful kids, Tavian and Wynter.  Tavian is 7 years old, and Wynter is 3 years old. Same mom, Same dad, and a horrible divorce. I have full custody, and am paid child support by the mother, and she has zero rights. She’s also on Supervised visitation through the State, whenever she re-appears. Draw your own conclusions on how that happened. Just remember I’m a very good person, and she isn’t, period. I’m happy as heck. I get to wake up to my 2 little miracles God gave me every day.  I get to spend as much time as I want to with my kids, every day, because I have my own business, and make all my own rules, and I love it.

My mother teaches catholic school, and controls the finances because she does the accounting at a local church I attended when I was little. I had my first Holy Communion, and Confirmation ceremonies there growing up as a catholic. By the way, I’m still 100% catholic, through and through. As a side note, the Catholic Priests that were molesting those kids all of those years, should be executed, along with Roman Administrators that were aware of it, and just kept moving the Priests to new churches, trying to cover up what was going on. Anyone that molests children needs to be executed period. Like I said, I’m 100% real, and I promise to keep this show very real.

Yes, A Strip club owner’s mother teaches catholic school, and controls the finances at our Catholic Church.

It’s such a cliché. I feel like the son of the Chief of Police. Only I’m a drug dealing, car stealing, armed robbery, black sheep prisoner.

But……What do you do?  I got nothing? Just strange how the Universal Powers work.

Now as far as my role in the community goes, I’m head of the biggest Charity organization in Flagstaff called, “The Sheriff’s Posse”.

Originally we used to round up criminals back in the 80’s.  Unfortunately, one of us was killed, so we re-directed the organization to be strictly about charity.

We run 4 big charity events a year, and hold monthly meetings, which I run. So there’s a lot of time involved, and I love every minute of it.

When I was younger, my mom and brother would get assistance from the church with food. So I always make it a point to give back. What I’ve discovered is by giving, with both time and money, is the karma comes back 10 fold. I’ve been giving to United Way since I was 19 years of age. It’s always been a piece of me.

Now I’ll talk to you about one of my passions. Bodybuilding, Strength Training Performance, and Grappling, otherwise known as Mixed Martial Arts, or MMA, have been a major part of my life.

I’ve been into bodybuilding since I was a kid. My cousin Randy Dominguez was a borderline Pro Football, Scottsdale College Football Player. As long as I can remember, Randy was always working out, and was huge. He was close to 300 Lbs.  Since he was always at the gym, I had the opportunity to meet famous bodybuilders. He brought over his roommates, that he worked out with, quite a bit. One in particular by the name of “Vince Comeford”, would come to my house, take his shirt off and pose for me. Vince used to let me hit his 8 pack of abs. It was like hitting a brick wall, it was awesome, and I loved it.

Randy basically ran Scottsdale back in the day, and had a big influence on my bodybuilding and fitness lifestyle.

So bottom line is, I’ve worked out forever. Since elementary school, when my mom bought me plastic DP weights, that you filled up with water to add weight. After I was strong enough, the weights allowed you to empty the water out, and fill them with sand, for heavier weights.

I also played football since 2nd grad. It started with my Popwarner League in Scottsdale. We used to play our football games at Scottsdale Community College. Randy also had that influence on me, since he was a borderline pro football player.

I continued playing football, and trained like a maniac, all through high school.

At that time, we would follow the pro-bodybuilders routines. What the Joe Weider Muscle Magazines failed to mention in the 80’s, was that all these routines, are for people on Steroids. The quick story on Steroids, is they allow you to train as much as you want, and as many hours as you want, and you will still gain muscle. Even if your Diet sucks, you still grow. That’s the truth.

So I would train longer than I should have. I did 3 Hour workouts 3 times a week, and 2 hour workouts, twice a week. I would also do hard cardio, so I could perform on the field.

The body does not have the recuperative ability to recover, and gain muscle when you train too many hours in the day. Rule of thumb, 45 minutes to 1 hour max, and get out of the gym if you are not taking steroids.

Until the age of 18, I trained 3 hours a day, which was way too long. I cut back to 1 ½  hours , 5 days a week, until I was 21.

My training was still too long.

At the age of 21, I cut my training back to 45 minutes to an hour max, and I grew like crazy. I found the missing link, quit training so damn long. I blew up, a lot. My biggest weight was 189 Lbs, at 5 foot 7, so I was pretty big. Probably about 15% fat because my goals were different then. Just get as big as you can, and do zero cardio, eat as much as possible, like 12 times a day. Being big is cool, don’t let anyone lie to you.

In my mid to late twenties, I realized I’m not going into acting. I’m not competing. What the hell am I using this muscle for, other than just looking cool, and picking up on hot chicks.

Now since the age of 21, when I first saw the UFC in Colorado, Karate Kid Style, with brackets and no rules, I realized wrestlers are the ones that kick ass.

So you can imagine my disappointment when I realized I should have been wrestling and playing football all through school.  Back when I was younger, I thought wrestlers were fags. My best friend “Brian Leith” from Jr. High conveyed to me, “Why do I want to roll around on a mat with a guy, that’s gay”.  And for some reason, that stuck with me. So I never wrestled.  The sad part is we had the best wrestling team in the State.  Apache Junction High School is home of the great Mcminn Wrestlers. In my opinion, the best wrestling family in the Country, are the Mcminn’s.  The dad wrestled, and so did his three sons, and they all dominated. Wade Mcminn wrestled at ASU and was undefeated his whole college career.

Wade’s son ended up going to school with my little brother, and they were good friends. My little brother would call his house sometimes, and talk to his son. It was really cute.

Another side note is the dad, Coach Mcminn, went through the process of manufacturing most of our Gym Equipment, saving the school tens of thousands of dollars.

When I was 15, I attended ASU Coach Larry Marmie Football Camp in the Summer of 1990, along with my teammates.  They had 5 different parts of the program, so you would be in different training stations throughout the day.  On the 1st day, when it was our turn to do weight training, I was super excited.  I couldn’t wait to see ASU’s weight room.  When I arrived I was extremely disappointed.  They had about ½ the equipment we had in Apache Junction. I was confused, and I had to ask my coaches, what was up with their medioker gym. The coaches explained to me how lucky we were in our weight room, because Coach Mcminn Welded, and Manufactured a lot of our equipment. Some stuff, he actually invented. I remember this awesome Free Weight Shrug Piece of Equipment he created, and was awesome. To this day, I have never seen anything like it, and if it was marketed, you would make a million dollars. A couple of examples would be “Standing Incline Bench Press”, or “Seated Incline Press”.  To this day, I also have never seen a “Standing Incline Bench Press”. We were very lucky to have the gym we had.

So now you can see why my background is developed so well with Bodybuilding, and Fitness.

So back to my disappointment with never wrestling, as I’m sitting there watching the UFC.

Somewhere around 2001, I started searching aggressively for the right place to learn submission wrestling and fighting. I was 27, and realized I wasn’t going into pro-bodybuilding. For some reason, I guess competing on stage, at that time, wasn’t what I was looking for, even if I wasn’t the biggest, I still could of competed in my weight class, but I was more attracted to fighting.

After some serious searching, I just couldn’t find the right place.  None of them had what I was looking for.

So one day I was on Vacation in Rocky Point, Mexico.  I was shredded to the bone. I always leaned out like I was going to a bodybuilding contest before every vacation.  It’s pretty hilarious, but what can I say, chicks love it, bottom line, and I want to look my best when I’m on vacation.

I was in a club called “The Cadillac”, and was pretty buzzed. Everyone runs around in their bathing suit, day or night.  I was in shorts and Flip Flops, no shirt.  I saw a security guard that looked familiar.  I walked up to him and asked if his name was Ike. He looked at me in shock and said “William”? It turned out he is my Brother’s, Godmother’s, Son. And we hadn’t seen each other in over 10 years.

Ike ended up playing College Ball, and even won a trip to Hawaii to play a pro bowl all-star game.

We got to talking and it turned out he was training submission fighting under one of the best fighters in the world. He gave me his coach’s card.

When I got back to Phoenix I called the instructor Jeff Funicello, and discovered he taught American Pankration which was a fighting art created in the Roman Days. Now Jeff and his brothers were taught American Pankration since they were kids. It mixes together Greco Roman Wrestling, submission moves exactly like Jiu-Jitsu, Muai-Thai, and Boing.  My coach is also a Greco Roman Champion, and is one of the top 10 to go to the world competitions every year. Every four years they include the world competition wrestling in the Olympics. Basically his team is related to “Team Quest”, because Dan Henderson is his good friend, who wrestled with him at ASU. Jeff has also trained with Randy Couture, Matt Linland, and Heath Simms, and these people come train with my coaches classes on occasion. Dan Henderson showed me an awesome cholke. I use it as my secret move when me and an opponent are stale mating. I finish them with this move.  It’s awesome.

So yes, I’ve done lots of grappling, traveled to competitions, and I had a blast doing it all.

I had to stop shortly before I had my kid. I’ve stepped back into practice here and again until a few months ago, when I started grappling consistently here in Flagstaff. Last week my coach offered me a Certified Instructor Title, which he only gives out every few years. So i’m going to take the offer, and continue my grappling. Heck, maybe I’ll take a couple of fights, ya never know, I’m still young.

So in my show, you’ll be getting some of my opinions on fighters, nutrition, for free.  Just a small part of the show will add something fun.

Stupid things people do. I’ll probably have a story or two about something I saw, or read about, where people do stupid things for god knows what reason, and it’s hilarious, so I’m going to put it in my show, something else to make you laugh.

Marketing, yes, this is my favorite part of the show. I’ll be teaching you business owners about real marketing. The stuff that works.

How do I know so much about marketing?

I started learning in 2005, studying some of the underground marketers on line, and off line businesses. I learned from Marketers that use Direct Mail, Internet advertising, and every other type of marketing that works. I paid $50 to $100 monthly fees to 4 different marketers that are masters at what they do.

Since I was still working at Chase Bank at the time, I implemented some of the strategies to work my leads at the bank, and let the Bank fund it all. It was sweet.

Now at the same time I also owned both of my bars, so I started testing marketing here too.

So do I have a little experience? Uh, yes!

I’m going to show people things I’ve tested online, offline, even telephone voice blasts. Real Marketing, Real Testing, Real Results.

I’m also going to disclose to you what it’s like running 2 businesses. All the trials and tribulations I go through. They literally are 2 completely different businesses. Cinnabar Nightcub has Sports, Live Bands, DJ’s, Food, Specials, NTN Trivia, Video Games, Happy Hour, Texas Hold Em Poker 3X a week.

Blush Cabaret is a completely different kind of business. Everyone wears a tie, cocktail fixed up in a corset, cover charge every day until we close, no exceptions. Then the $500 Champagne room, $150 Champagne room, higher drink prices, no-touching for the strippers, DJ Music Format, certain types of music played.

The marketing is completely different too. One is adult. There’s a lot of stuff you can’t do when you want to advertise an adult business.

That part of the show will be fun. To see behind closed doors what it’s like to own a nightclub.

Lots of Bonuses:

1)      Famous people or semi famous musicians when they play at my bar

2)      Business owners, interviewed live, and their marketing techniques and secrets

3)      Seminars. When I travel to one, who I met, what I learned, the latest tools in the market

My Banking career started at the ripe age of 19, and retired at the age of 35.  So the year would have been 1993-2008, so I guess you could say I know a thing or two about Banking, and the Financial World. I was there for a Hostile take-over, There for multiple mergers, there for the original corporate downsizing when they called it streamlining, where they walked up to you sitting at your desk, tapped you on the shoulder, and handed you a box to pack your things, and were walked out the door. I was there for the Scandals, CEO’s stepping down, then mysteriously the IRS is up the X CEO’s ass sideways. Hmmmmmmmnnnnnnnn Shananigans. I was there from beginning to end of all the mortgage shananigans that went down.  I know who messed up, and who deserved to lose it all, and which banks are left standing, and I’ve been saying it from day 1.

So you’ll get awesome tidbits, and stories of when I was in the banking industry, and trust me, I have a lot of them.  I know old school corporate world, I know new school corporate world, and I’m going to teach you a lot.

I want to educate America on what I’ve been through working for 2 of the Biggest Giant Corporations in the World.

Products, Yes, I’ll be reviewing some of the products out there. Ones that will either help you with your marketing efforts, or information products I find valuable, and I’ll give you a complete explanation of what it is, and how it will help you.

Now, very important, I’m sure you’ve met lots of people that are really motivated, and want to start making money doing something. Then they lose their motivation, and don’t do anything. I don’t want that to happen to you, if you decide to take the bull by the horns, and get started. So many people buy products and they just sit there on the shelf. It’s a sin. Don’t do that.

Most of these products will be from the expert underground marketers that I’ve either studied under, or am in direct affiliation with. So this is nice, because you’ll be exposed to my network of successful on line and off line businesses.

Now back to marketing. I wanted to let everyone know that  I‘ve been involved in MLM, Multi Level Marketing since the age of 21, in 1995.  I started with Primeria Financial, Imitation Perfumes, Travel Dynamics Magnets, Vacation Timeshares, Xango, and now Send Out Cards.

I’ve been involved with six different companies since the age of 21. I can honestly say, Xango, and Send Out Cards, are the companies I remained consistent with, and became successful with.

What I discovered was that all the really rich, wealthy, successful people were involved in a MLM. This is where they received some of their Marketing experience. Hello? The name of the profession is Multi-Level MARKETING!

All you people out there that think Multi-Level Marketing is a scam, or you can’t make any money at it, or MLMers are a bunch of weird plastic people, like in the movie Pleasantville, and we’re all fake, etc.  You need to put the CRACK PIPE DOWN!

I was mentored by some of the most successful online and offline marketers in the Nation.

When I first started it sucked. You had 2 options. Take someone to a meeting, or sit down with them and do a 1 o 1 sale. It sucked. But it was good training. Like 1 on 1 training.

I had to do a lot of cold phone calls, it sucked, but I did it.

I attended meetings, seminars, home parties, and evolved to handing out CD’s,DVD’s, internet presentations, and other technical presentations.

I even tested my Direct Mail Marketing with MLM. That’ right, I would take some of my monthly profits, and put them back into a US Mail Campaign, and test Direct Mail. Yeah, I know, I’m crazy.

The people I had prospected were no screwballs. I recruited the CFO of Checker Auto Parts, The Head Of Security administration at US Airways who sits on The Board Of Directors, Credit Card Company business owner, Children’s Birthday Party character business owner, Owner of the #1 Limo Company in Arizona, Real Estate Broker business owners, etc, etc, etc, the list goes on and on.

The bottom line is MLM works, I’m in it, I do it, even though I own 2 other businesses.

I simply tell them…..  “I want my checking account stuffed so full of money, it can’t hold any more cash.”

It’s the truth. I make money. I love people that are in MLM. I love the events, I love the positivity, I love the people that are motivated.

I compare MLM to high school peer pressure. If we had that high school social credibility pressure with us all the time, we’d all be rich.

I remember comparing clothes, cars or trucks, quads, motorcycles, working out with weights in the gym comparing bodies, hair styles, zits, smell, attitude, it all mattered, and you know it.

By constantly surrounding myself with these people, I continue to grow, I continue to excel and make more money. It works. So if you’re sitting on the couch doing nothing, Get In! Then you get to hang out with me and the leaders making money.

So again, if you want more info on MLM, I will have another show, based strictly on MLM, training, recruiting, etc.

Now this brings us to, THE BIG QUESTION??


This question has to be answered because it’s just not right for me to build a fan base, and have a list of people that want my advice, they want to know which products are best, and they want to know why the hell am I NOT working my MLM business??

Well it all started a couple of years back when I wasn’t allowed to use the telephone, I wasn’t allowed to text, I wasn’t allowed to use the internet, I wasn’t allowed to use anything that connected me with the outside world.

My X-Wife would not allow it.

Then my X-wife was pregnant with our 2nd kid, so I had to concentrate on that.

Then, 4 months after my daughter was born, my wife left me. She moved out in front of me, my 4 year old son, and 4 month old daughter, while a Cop watched her move out of our home.

She actually called a cop as a civil standby, so she could move out all of her things.

She tried to steal my business through the courts, but she didn’t realize “The Attorney General Of Arizona” was my business partner. In addition, It’s a Corporation, with me as the CEO, President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

I was not able to come to my business for 5 weeks, while she was in control of everything.

When I returned to my business, there was no money left. She stole over $10,000. There was nothing left in the bar either. The stereos, vending machines, TV’s, computers, phones, you name it, she stole it, all before the courts realized they made a huge mistake, and put me back in control of my business.

I asked my attoney, “what’s the proper proto call when a Judge is faced with this dilemma” My attorney said, “they’re supposed to call you in, and not put you out in the street like that”.

Another thing that happened was my Adult License was up for renewal, and I fell slightly behind 3 months on taxes, and they almost revoked my City Strip Club License.

I was in a position where I needed to come up with 5 grand cash, in 2 days, or lose it all.

I found it.

Now the divorce took a full year.  So you can imagine the time that took, and I had both kids twenty four hours a day, 7 days a week, the whole time. She didn’t help with anything. She was out, on a drug binge, for over 2 years straight.

December 2011, one day after Christmas, I slipped and landed on the back of my head, and was in a coma for 2 Days.

I was not allowed to come back to my business for 4 months. My manager and the girl I was dating ran my bar for 4 months.

In the middle of my 4 month healing time, my grandma passed away. My grandma means everything to me. She was a major part of my upbringing, like another mom, we were very close. So basically, my life ended as far as I was concerned.

Here I am trying to heal a Brain injury. With the drama of losing my grandmother, it slowed the healing time.

There was a major family disagreement at the funeral, and as a result, I stopped talking to my family.

My Grandma and Grandpa were basically like the King and Queen of our family. When they passed away, it appears my family lost their roots, and heritage we were raised on. I personally feel like they’re a bunch of idiots. A funeral is a time for mourning.

Unfortunately, the 3 sisters, left behind, were left to think for themselves, and they’d been doing it for a few years now, because my Grandpa passed away a few years ago. Some people need guidance, or they make really, really stupid decisions. That’s all they’ve been doing since my Grandpa passed, and when Grandma passed, it was free reign to run a muck.

So my family is cut off for now, and it’s me and my 2 children, against the world.

A month after the funeral, at the end of march, I was forced to come back to my business, because it was losing so much money.

I was telling my Manager and Girlfriend to pay the rent, and their exact words were, “what money”.

There wasn’t any money, and almost no liquor left to sell.

I don’ t know exactly what went wrong, but I’ve been running this business for 10 years, and for the previous few months, numbers were dwindling.

A simple explanation of what happened is this. I wasn’t there. It was free reign to steal as much money and as much liquor as you could. And that’s exactly what happened. The numbers don’t drop like that for no reason, even if it is a crumby economy like 2011 was.

I had to save them. I wasn’t supposed to come back to this environment, because my brain hadn’t completely healed yet.

The reason why you can’t drive, or work, or even watch stressful TV shows is this. Your brain only has so much recuperative ability per day.

If your brain is constantly spinning, over and over again, there’s little to no recuperative ability left.

So it took longer to heal, but I didn’t have a choice.  Go back to running my bar or I can’t put food on the table.

In May, the Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, “The ATF” raided my bar, during a busy Saturday Night. This is my prime time, money making night.

As expected, all of my customers left. I lost my ass from some stupid call someone made, trying to be vindictive, and tipped off the ATF that I was doing something illegal. Well I wasn’t, but it took a raid to see that.

Now in July, I re-started my Jeep Cherokee that had been sitting since I was hurt. Well, the engine had a small oil leak I didn’t know about. The engine seized the first time I moved the vehicle in six months. So now I own 2 businesses, and no vehicle to get around town. So my girlfriend has to give me a ride everywhere, in her little Kia.

Again, running 2 businesses fulltime, 2 kids fulltime, no car.

Now during this whole year, I’ve had the power, water, phone, everything shut off on me multiple times. The ice machine broke, the beer cooler broke, the heater broke, the roof sprung a leak I couldn’t fix for 2 months, and someone threw a boulder through my giant windows on the front of my nightclub. It sucked. I put out so many fires every day, it wasn’t even funny.

All this was happening, while my brain was healing.

I stayed positive, ate right, trained in the gym, and I slowly got through it.  One day at a time.

I had to completely Reorganize, Rebuild, and Re-Structure my life.

I thank God every day, for getting me through the worst 2 years of my life.

Part of the Restructuring and Reorganizing my life, was to make sure I help people with my skills in Business, Marketing, Internet, Phone, and even building relationships. I want to be able to give back to my fellow man, that may need help through this depression.

My grandpa taught me a lot about the great depression he lived through. He told me they ate beans and bread every day. I remember his lessons like it was yesterday.

A couple of years ago, I started seeing businesses go under like crazy. The saddest one was “The Chocolate Factory”, here in Flagstaff, Arizona.  It was owned by a nice husband and wife couple.  They made the most Delicious Chocolate.  Every kind of chocolate you could think of, it was great.

Well, a friend of mine relayed to me that he went to “The Chocolate Factory” to surprise his girlfriend, and it was out of business.  I looked at him in shock! What do you mean, they’re out of business? I drove down to the store, and there was a note on the front of the building that read: “We’ve tried, but after months with the economy, we can’t afford to keep our doors open.  They wished every one the best, said they loved everyone, and goodbye.

It almost made me cry. This business had been in town longer than my 11 years with my business. I felt bad that no one was there to help them. Then I quickly realized, unfortunately, that’s the way it is for a lot of people. It doesn’t matter if you have a business or a job, people can only afford to help themselves. The economy is that bad.

Cities and State Tax IRS collector employees, are making personal visits to peoples businesses, knocking on their doors for the monthly state and city taxes.

How do I know this?

They did it to me when I fell a little behind. I asked the IRS collectors, have you ever had to do this before in your career? He said no. He’s been at a desk for the last 20 years. The economy is so bad, 80% of his time is now in the field. He taught me a lot. I developed a pretty good relationship with the tax collectors. His name was Galen Hardin. A really great guy.

So again, I’m not saying people are evil, and the depression is turning them into demons out for themselves.


What I’m saying is it’s hard enough just to get by right now, and you don’t have the time or money to help others.

The most horrible year 2011 fed over a little into 2012, but we’re starting to see some light in the economy. So it won’t last too much longer.

I understand people are trying to get out of the hole, the economy put them in.  Let’s start with Step 1.  Step 1 is the people that are out there, who have the ability to help others, do so.  Those that can’t, it’s no biggie. Just take care of yours, take care of yourself and family, and down the road when you’re able to help out, give to charity with time, money, whatever.  And little by little, this economy will fix itself.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my first post of “WHERE THE HECK DID WILLIAM WHITLOW DISAPPEAR TO”?

Until next weeks episode, Keep on Marketing!




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